Thursday, August 03, 2006


Yeah, you read that right: -*poof*-

That's what appears to have happened to Bre's mother. Had some minor issues with visitation; she didn't seem to understand the English the judge spoke quite plainly three times about how she had to be under a doctor's care and taking her meds and have a place to live before she could start unsupervised visits. When my attorney finally got it through to her (after an illegal attempt at a visit), she just -- -*poof*-ed. Vanished. No calls, no visits, not even a stinking flower.

She didn't show up for court-ordered mediation (which I thought was a pretty lousy idea anyway, but the judge doesn't know Bre's mother).

Monday, August 7 is our next hearing. Wonder what will happen when she doesn't show for that.

...Course I know better than to even be thinking along those lines. She manages to surprise us all once in a while. She'll probably show up just for the aggravation factor. 'Course what she doesn't get is that most judges don't like aggravation.

This could get interesting . . .


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